meets Opportunity

Offering a
360º Perspective

Blue Sail Capital is a single family office and advisory firm that specializes in:

Access to capital

Board Advisory

Corporate development expertise

Delivery of timely market intelligence

"At Blue Sail Capital, we believe not all capital is homogeneous.”

BSC has earned a reputation of investing with the right people at the right time. We pride ourselves on securing opportunities with public and private market participants to help chart a perdictable course for high-growth companies.

About Blue Sail Capital

Rahim Kassim-Lakha is the Principal and Founder of Blue Sail Capital, a single family office that invests in private and public growth companies in the technology, real estate, resources sectors.

Rahim Kassim-Lakha has 26 years of global investing and capital markets experience. Rahim has been involved in over U$5bn of transactions and is an award winning fund manager.

Blue Sail has built over 300 contacts across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

We have curated strategic and technical relationships in real estate, technology and the resources sector with direct access to a network of partners to attain sustainable goals for stakeholders.

At Blue Sail Capital we exectue our business with the utmost respect, integrety and confidentiality. Our strengh lays in our longterm relationships, our deep knowledge of industries we invest in and the discretion with which we operate.

"Your access to knowledge capital."